Nutrition for Muscle Gain

Posted: 2013-01-16

Gaining muscle is an important part of anyone’s program, whether it is to look more muscular or to strip body fat. Reasons to want to gain muscle include-

• More muscle mass increases metabolism. For every pound of muscle you gain, your metabolism speeds up by 50kcal!
• Lifting weights means your body is burning extra calories, hours after your session
• Weight training is a weight baring exercise, which improves bone strength and connective tissue.
• Lowered body fat!
• Toned legs, bum, tum, arms…etc!
• Plus many more…..

We always want our clients to put on muscle, even the women. NO!! You won’t start to look big and bulky! Women don’t have as much testosterone as men and don’t eat as much as men, so you won’t bulk up! It is so difficult for most men to put on size, even when they are training 4-5 sessions a week!

Nutrition for muscle gain completely depends on the individual. Some people are carbohydrate sensitive, so if they started eating lots of carbs to help them bulk up, they would start fattening up! Some people are naturally lean, so maybe need the carbs to help them go that bit further.

One thing always stays the same however, protein and essential fats. You must be eating enough quality protein daily to improve muscle mass and adding fats such as avocado, fish oil, nuts and seeds, to aid muscle building.

Here at Bottom Line Lifestyle & Fitness we work with you to get your body building muscle! We write an individualised food plan, that isn’t a nightmare to follow! We also track your progress using our Body Stat machine. This measures your body fat percentage, fat weight, lean %, lean weight and hydration. Don’t just use the scales!

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