Reaching your goal

Posted: 2013-02-13

So you’ve decided you want to get fit? The term “get fit” is very lose and will be very different from person to person as everyone has a different idea on how they want to look and how they want to function. Getting fit for a marathon is completely different to getting fit for football. Equally, losing fat is going to require a different approach to that of someone looking to add muscle. So, the first thing you need to decide on when you say you want to “get fit” is; fit for what? Define a purpose and a function and then you have a clear goal to aim for.

Once you have your goal it’s time to create a plan. Below are our top tips in creating the best plan for you to reach your goal.

-Change your eating habits. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, the bottom line (no pun intended!) is this: If you want to change the way you look, feel or perform you HAVE to change the way you eat. Sorry, but you can’t ‘out train’ a bad diet.

-Create time to help you reach your goal. You need to decide how much time you have available. Make a default diary and mark it out as busy. Make an appointment with yourself. I know the word ‘routine’ can make people shudder but in this game you really need it.

-Get a training plan organised. This is very important as if you’re on the wrong plan you’re not going to hit your goal. There is no point going out for a gentle jog every night if you’re looking to transform you physique. Get the right plan for your goal and then tailor it to the days you can and can’t train. Remember ‘horses for courses’.

-Consider aches/pains or previous injuries because if you don’t they may come back and remind you they’re still there. Setting off like a rocket on your first run or bike ride could stunt your new found eagerness and leave you injured. Start off slowly and work your way up gently. If you had a previous injury that caused you problems in the past you may want to consider getting your biomechanics checked out.

-Methods of motivation can really spur you on when you feel like giving up. Write down your goal and keep it with you at all times. It will help you when you feel like watching TV instead of training.

-Plan to change your plan. This might sound daft but your body gets used to exercise and it is important to periodically change the way you train. There are many variables you can play with to help push you on and to not let your plan go stale. These include duration, distance, rest time, weight, speed to name a few.

-Keep a diary of your training and potentially your food too. It will act as an incentive for you and you can see how well you have progressed.

-Rest and relax to help you progress. Exercise is a stress and if you combine exercise with an extremely hectic lifestyle, you will raise your stress hormones. This in turn will blunt your progress regardless of how hard you train.

So if you get all of the measures above in place, it will act as a solid foundation for you to begin your training program. Check back later for advise on plans, principles and techniques.

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