Stuarts Diary - Week 1 of Body Transfromation

Posted: 2013-03-27

I am drinking water which I despise and green tea on a very regular basis, I havenít included them in the diary because Iíll just moan constantly about them both! But trust me Iím drinking like a fish at the mo. I also have flax, protein shakes and all sorts of pills and powders.

Day One

Having run the X runner yesterday in what can only be described as mud, body is already a little sensitive shall we say and yes confession time knowing there is no way Iím going to be eating nice food for the next 12 weeks I snuck in a little McDonalds and a Sunday Lunch and yes I hate to say they were most amazing! But that was yesterday and today is a new start ÖÖ.

Exercise done

Full body after interval sprints, not too bad Ė profusely sweating and not much power but completed and feeling good.


Scrambled Eggs (no butter, milk etc) Ė have to say is vile, like eating rubber and raw egg taste still only the first of many interesting meals and hey only 80+ days to go! Mid morning snack of prawns with salad, chicken salad lunch, beef patties for afternoon snack and chicken stir-fry tea not too bad after all.


Morning started off strong probably fuelled from the excessive eating the day before! By the afternoon a started to feel a bit weird. Head heavy but not a problem, just craving nice foods with flavour!

Day Two

Happy Birthday to me, any normal person would have started after their birthday right? Not me Iím far too intrigued to see the results and straight into it.

Exercise done

After copious amounts of well wishing calls finally got into my full body schedule and fair to say a wee bit slower but succeeded, perhaps today will be a good day.


Beef patties for breakfast, prawn salad mid morning and chicken with plenty of veg for lunch, another prawn salad for afternoon snack before birthday meal at Pizza Express. Donít panic it was water and chicken salad whilst craving the pizzaís etc around me!


Iím not going to lie, I could have eaten everybodyís food in pizza express but I have phenomenal will power and I wasnít going to surrender (just yet). Speech is odd today and concentration span suffering but guessing thatís probably broccoli poisoning 

Day Three

Iím stuck at work all day so need to switch bits about, Iím having lunch for breakfast and breakfast for lunch, and then fingers crossed ill train this afternoon. Needs must Iím afraid!

Exercise done

Finished at 3pm so went straight out and did hill sprints as my interval training. Sweating buckets but crawled over the finish line, showered and back to work to finish the evening shift.


So its lamb patties for breakfast, chicken salad for mid morning and vegetable omelette for lunch, prawn salad for mid morning (yes we have bought a massive bag of which is why I keep eating them) and tea sadly wasnít until after service 11.30 but needed it which was Steak Salad.


Horrific, Iíve had the strangest service barely being able to speak to people, heads all over the place and kept dropping things (not good in a restaurant) Heads heavy but kept drinking and finally Iíve managed home, felt better after the steak but still wondering how Iím going to continue.

Day Four

Iím on a 90 day business planning day today starts at 7.30am and finishes at 5pm so switched my rest day with tomorrow. Will spend the day explaining why I keep getting Tupperware boxes out every few minutes!

Exercise done

None day off Ė feels good! (joking) I did do 40 mins of five a side with no problems etc.


Beef patties for breakfast, prawn salad (yes again), Chicken Salad, guess what yep prawn salad for mid afternoon and finally chicken stirfry for tea. Neil called to explain about a protein mousse so had that as a TREAT (what evs, itís no treat Mr. Stanley) but nice thought.


Having fended off several offers for a buffet lunch and the most beautiful biscuits on the planet (ive been before) it was pure lemongrass tea and Tupperware for me. Felt good to win, was exhausted and nearly fell asleep on more than one occasion. One hour sleep and a Protein shake before football woke me up and the stir-fry certainly restored the energy.

Day Five

Iím feeling like my old self again, gone is the lack of energy, gone is the headaches and here is me feeling a little lighter so I plug for the scales to see if the last few days of torture have been worth it. They have the last weigh in was a few weeks ago at 13 stone, today Iím at 12.8 meaning a 5 pound loss just hoping thatís fat not muscle. Had to cancel PT this week as the course yesterday left me with no time to re-schedule.

Exercise done

Intervals and full body Ė as Ramsey says - DONE


Pretty much as yesterday - beef patties for breakfast, prawn salad, Chicken Salad, guess what yep prawn salad for mid afternoon and finally a zest tea! That being venison and plain veg rather than the usual indulgence and yep more green tea and water.


Back to normal and smiling, still a bit snappy and certainly still need a diary to tell me what day it is but apart from that Iím able to operate in a normal way. Early night will restore most of that I feel so 11pm Iím off to the land of nod (my life is just one big party)

Day Six

Nice sleep, up and at em today, have a plan of attack Ė training, paperwork, actual work, bed.

Exercise done

Intervals in the front room today as snow has made it dangerous underfoot. 1 minutes of kettle bells with a 1 min rest for 20 mins done, breathing heavy and I can see my breath in front of me.


Following suit and because we havenít managed to get to the supermarket yet, itís a familiar beef patties, prawn salad, chicken stir-fry, prawn salad, steak salad for today (we do have proper food tomorrow!)


Concentrations back, but still very quiet at the min (will keep monitoring) delighted with the first six days and looking forward to my stats in a week and a bit. Feeling light and fine if I knew this on day one it would have helped me through, still hindsight is a wonderful thing.


Our Comments:

We are extremely happy with Stuarts first week. He has gotten over the cravings and his body seems to be happy using fat as a fuel source. he did lose a fraction of muscle so we have asked him to up his protein slightly and to start taking BCAA's to help counter this. Otherwise, he is to carry on as he did in week one.

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