Andy's Diary - Week 1 of Body Transformation

Posted: 2013-03-29

Monday - Trained well in the morning, got hungry abound 7/8pm so had some eggs. Went to bed around 11pm

Tuesday - Tired and Hungry in the morning, food went down will and wasn't hungry in the evening

Wednesday - Steady day! Trained hard with Neil, food ok had a head ache

Thursday - Trained hard again, not feeling hungry any more but the cravings started it kick in

Friday - Interval training this morning, it was very tough. Cravings at a massive high and really wanting to quit!

Saturday - Cravings not has bad today but hard to drink 3 litres of water without being at my desk

Sunday - Nice lie in! Food good today and cravings gone! Still finding it tough to get 3 litres water down me.


Our thoughts.

1.2lbs of fat is a healthy amount to lose in 1 week but he also lost 0.8lbs of muscle so have advised taking BCCA's to help protect his muscle whilst training. We would like to have had more fat off, but this is week 1 and it may be taking longer for his body to respond to the nutrition plan. We have told him to carry on with his plan for another week and will re-evaluate at the end of week 2.

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