Steve's Diary - Week 1 of Body Transformation

Posted: 2013-03-30


All my food and supplements sorted so I headed to the gym thinking in all honesty that the workout looked pretty easy. Felt like a fraud when I had to stop 2 sets from the end on the verge of blowing chunks. Sat in my car and wondered if I could stomach a protein shake, not to mention 8 hours at work! Made me fear this could be along 12 weeks.


Slept like a baby but couldn't bring myself to get up and train in a fasted state. Had to eat before going to train lower body. Was tough but then lower body normally is rather unpleasant. Sticking to the rest period is a struggle as normally I rest until I'm ready to go again and 90 seconds seems to pass rather quickly after these supersets. Felt good at work but my enthusiasm was almost usurped by my old gluttonous self as I spied a Belgian chocolate cheesecake waiting for me when I got home. Opted for a protein shake instead. Now I know the true meaning of torture.


This training on an empty stomach has got to be a joke right? What Stan and Emma didn't know was that a typical weekday breakfast for me was a bowl of sugar with 2 Shreddies on top, followed by a toasted bagel literally dripping in peanut butter. All washed down with a full fat latte (2sugars) and a chocolate bar if I was going to train. Needless to say the plan to get up, have a black coffee and go is a work in progress. Did squat thrust intervals at home and was suitably knackered.


Woke up late and didn't have time to hit the gym before work so decided to rest today instead of Sunday. Want to get on the scales but know that it's probably a bad idea so near to the beginning of the plan. Took my usual healthy food to work and had to look away when a work colleague ate 3 Dairy Milk bars at break. Could've slapped his pale, spotty face as I tucked into my avocado. Starting to fantasise about my cheat meals from week 3 onwards. An all you can eat buffet is allowed yeah?


Was expecting today's workout to be easier than Monday's. I was wrong.
Felt weak pretty much from the start and was exhausted by the end. Spoke to Stan and being informed everyone was feeling the same was reassuring. Looking forward to reintroducing carbs to my diet as it should send my energy levels through the roof. Stopped to get a lottery ticket and was almost brought to my knees by the Easter egg display. If I win it tonight I think the diet may go out the window.


Really noticing my hunger now. Had a big steak last night and woke up starving. Getting through it by feeling superior whenever I see anybody eating bread, crisps or chocolate (a constant occurrence in my household ). That and picturing myself completely shredded for the first time ever is pushing me on. On the plus side, I felt good at the gym. Can't wait to hit it hard again tomorrow.


Day 6 now. It's been pretty tough but steak and eggs for breakfast isn't a bad start to a Sunday. The snow normally would mean there was a good chance I'd spend lazing on the couch eating Rustlers burgers and Smarties cookies. Not today, although that does sound very tempting now that I've started to think about it. No! Focus! Pushing myself at the gym will keep my hunger at bay for an hour or so at least. I'm definitely looking leaner too. So far so good.

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