Andy's Diary - Week 2 of body Transformation

Posted: 2013-04-03


Trained legs and put up all my weights very happy with training today. Had my turkey burger for breakfast followed by chicken salad and homemade meatballs for dinner.


Interval training today! These are still so hard, not looking forward to doing an extra set next week. Turkey burger for breakfast followed by turkey salad and fish and veg for dinner.


Trained upper body, still feel sore and aching all over. Turkey burger and turkey salad again today! Mixed it up a bit for dinner and had homemade veg curry!


Trained legs, was very hard today as weights went up on Monday. Still on the turkey burger but had left over curry from the night before. Had a wobble today and went out for dinner and had Chicken, Bacon and BBQ sauce.


Feeling crap today! Wish I never had the chicken & bacon! Later training session today as its Bank Holiday! Had scrambled eggs for breakfast followed by tuna salad and more fish and veg for dinner.


Feel a lot better then yesterday. Trained well this morning. More scrambled eggs for breakfast followed by chicken salad and chilli for dinner.
Sunday - Day off training today! Had a turkey burger for breakfast followed by another chicken salad and a smoked salmon omelette for dinner.

FAT LOSS THIS WEEK: Gained 1.75lb

Our Thoughts

Andy has been on the plan 2 weeks now and although lost 1.2lbs in his first week he has put it all and more back on. He had home made curry & chilli this week and he also ate out on Thursday. These are not on the plan, so he could have been stricter.

That aside this is obviously disappointing for Andy and ourselves. So, what do we do about it? To begin with there is no point in telling Andy to go back to his old habits as that wont change anything. We aren't going to tell him to up his training either. When we get to this stage in the quest for fat loss and nothing happens it is time to start looking at underlying issues that can be preventing fat loss. We are currently addressing his insulin sensitivity but we now need to start looking at other areas such as gut and digestive health, hormone issues, stress etc. We need to become fat loss investigators!

Andy's fat loss transformation will be temporarily on hold until we start to eliminate underlying issues. We have asked him to keep a diary and we will continue to upload it as well as our thoughts.

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