Rachels Diary - Week 2 of Body Transformation

Posted: 2013-04-04

Week 2

I begin my second week with trepidation. We have a family funeral this week so suddenly my small cottage is required for bed and board and Iím frantically searching for inflatable beds whilst wondering how jetlagged Australian relatives are going to cope with my early morning antics and strange diet. Furthermore, how am I going to cope with aforementioned Australians and the disruption they pose to my new routines.

Iím really into the pre-workout intervals that I figure they must be too easy so I increase the speed. This week I knew I needed to pay more attention to the weights Iím lifting. Week 1 was kind of ďstick it on and if it makes me grunt it must be okĒ. Iím used to higher reps and lighter weights so Iím still experimenting. Iíve definitely worked hard to lift the maximum I can this week without losing form but apparently I should be writing it all downÖI need a secretary! (I can barely hold my water bottle in-between sets let alone tackle a pen and paper.)

My intervals routines seemed even harder this week as the high intensity seconds and number of sets increase. Iím looking forwards to some brighter/warmer weather so I can get outside for these parts of my training.

This week the most stressful part of the routine is the food. Iím trying to tell myself that food is just fuel but Iíve realised that I donít just enjoy food for its flavour, itís just as much about texture for me and thatís where itís hard to vary what Iím eating. This week Iíve not felt cravings for carbs as often as last week but then Iíve had a really busy week to keep my mind off them. I have to ask at this pointÖdoes anyone else struggle with the sheer quantity of green stuff that needs to be chewed? I really value the part that the supplements play in the diet plan. Iím sure the BCAA helps my muscle recovery immensely which is why Iím putting up with the taste Ė man it disappears quickly though. Iíve had to order a second bagÖthis time a 1kg version.

I have a tricky day on Wednesday and know that itís going to be awkward to eat as regularly as the plan suggests. Iím at other peopleís mercy and despite packing an emergency protein drink to slip in at lunchtime I leave it behind by accident. I watch people eat a buffet, which seems to consist entirely of carbs, and donít feel the need to join in, but by the time I eventually eat at 3 pm seven hours has passed since my last meal. I spend the rest of the day overcompensating and hope it doesnít affect my training with Neil on Thursday.

Get my body stats on Thursday, Iíve lost fat which I feel is deserved so Iím really pleased. Iím also aware that my body has changed shape already. Iíve also lost a small amount of muscle mass, my diet is adjusted to include more protein. Iím told that this is normal and acceptable but I canít help being disappointed. Gotta work harder at the gym!!

On Friday we depart for Wales for a short break with friends. This is a twice-annual event on our calendar. We truly ďbelieveĒ the formula: hard exercise + relaxation +fresh air negates alcohol +calorie laden food + late nights. However I stick with my (modified) exercise plan and (rigid) food plan and now see that really we only ďbelieveĒ like a 9 year old believes in Santa i.e. because we want to!! I remained committed to my diet; which was incredibly hard as the food is always hearty, excessive and sugar laden. Didnít miss the alcohol though surprisingly. I enjoyed uphill sprints for my intervals whilst my chums ran our infamous but much loved 8 mile loop; which we inflict upon ourselves more than once per visit. I suffer two gruelling 5-4-3-2-1 routines with dumb-bells (an invention of the devil surely Ė ask Neil for details!) in place of my gym visits. I get the feeling that Iím going to be punished for my extra-curricular exerciseÖbut I canít go all the way to Wales and leave my mountain bike and walking boots at home can I?


Our Thoughts:

We are very pleased with how Rachel is progressing. She has dropped 7lbs in 2 weeks which is perfect. We anticipate this slowing down so will change her training style next week to keep her body guessing. We are also going to re-jig her food slightly and bring in some Multodextrin for her post workout recovery. This will also help towards building muscle.

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