Stuart's Diary- Week 2 of Body Transformation

Posted: 2013-04-05

Starting Weight 13 Stone, New Weight 12.6

Its PT time and i spring into the gym with a hidden smile, Neil confirms the loss (great) and Emma confirms that 1.5 of it is muscle (not so good). We agree to up the protein (bonus) and they give me some muscle protecting drink to prevent further loss of muscle - you can image that tastes well different. I drive home feeling happy and sad but hey I'm still losing weight so ill get over it!

Day 10 & 11 I train like a warrior motivated by the muscle loss and mainly because I'm about to go away for a long weekend. Day 11 i pack the car and its off for our Easter break, i have condensed all the powders into sachets and labelled - i have also packed a gym kit just in case. Day 12/13/14/15 no training, lots of hills to walk and lots of socialising with friends means no time but i stay true to the diet and break my own record of entering my favourite restaurant in Wales sober for the first time ever, i have been drinking soda water and passing it off as gin and tonic :)

We arrive home late on Day 15 and unpack, get the food ready and have an early night for next weeks big push.


Our comments-

We are amazed at Stuarts progress this week. He has lost more fat this week than last week and only lost 0.8lb muscle. This week we are increasing the intensity of his training sessions by upping weights and lowering rest times. The BCAAs should help reduce the muscle loss, we will look into this more if he still loses muscle next week.

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