Think outside the cereal box!

Posted: 2013-12-09

As all of our clients know, we don’t like cereal! You may as well eat the box, as it is probably more nutritious!

I know it is quick, easy and convenient (or so we are told by the adverts) when you’re getting your kids ready in the morning, whilst trying to get ready for work yourself, but a bit of preparation and the right ingredients, and the whole family could enjoy a highly nutritious breakfast and still leave on time.

Cereals are often labelled as a health food, and so many families chose it as their main form as breakfast. Most of us believe what we hear on TV adverts and what is on the cereal box. Unfortunately cereals marketed to kids have the worst nutritional quality of them all. They have more sugar, sodium, carbohydrates and calories per gram than cereals not marketed to kids. They also have less protein and fibre.

Things to think about before going out and buying your next box of cereal is-
• Nutrient deficient- breakfast cereals are highly processed and this destroys many valuable nutrients that are in grains, it causes any good fats to turn rancid and toxic. Even if the cereal if fortified with synthetic nutrients, they are not good quality forms of the nutrient so will not be absorbed and utilized optimally.
• Highly processed- how do you think the cereals are in flakes, puffs and shapes? They have to be heated up to very high temperatures and extruded at high pressures. They are then sprayed with synthetic nutrients and colourings.
• High sugar and carbohydrates- most cereals contain 30-50% sugars! This rapidly raises blood sugar levels which can cause cravings, mood swings, lack of concentration, headaches, fat gain, lethargy and many more!
• Difficult to digest- cereal grains contain phytic acid which binds to nutrients which makes them difficult to digest and be absorbed.
• All of the above can cause- fat gain, bloating, constipation, IBS, infections, allergies, obesity and many more!

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day as you are fuelling your body after fasting overnight. It is so important you eat some protein at breakfast as this will keep blood sugars stable and cause less cravings throughout the day.

Here are some breakfast ideas to help achieve optimal health for you and your family-
• Smoothie- simple combinations such as berries, spinach (you can’t taste it!), milk (such as almond milk), ground flaxseeds, almond nut butter and natural protein powder. So quick and easy and you can even make it the night before and keep it in a vacuumed jar overnight (vacuumed so the nutrients don’t get lost)
• Eggs- scrambled/poached/fried eggs on rye/spelt bread. Eggs are a fantastic protein source loaded with essential fats.
• Homemade bircher muesli- rolled oats, nuts, seeds, coconut, soaked in milk or coconut water and yoghurt (cows or coconut). This can be made in advance and can be stored in the fridge for several days!
• Pancakes- yes! Pancakes! Protein pancakes are great and a really good way to get the kids to enjoy breakfast! Simply blend oats, eggs, protein powder and milk (you can make this mixture in advance), then just fry them off in some coconut oil. You can serve with some almond nut butter and/or some raw honey.
• Carrot and walnut loaf- the recipe is on our blog, great with some cashew or almond nut butter on it!
• Turkey muffins- easy to make and keep in the fridge for a few days. Simply eat cold with a side of nuts and blueberries.

It can be so easy to start the day off well, while still enjoying what you’re eating and without the kids moaning!

If you need any more ideas or help, please contact us.

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