Juicy Oasis Day 2

Posted: 2014-09-22

Couldn't upload last night as there was a storm and the lightening did something to the computer and it wouldn't switch on!

"The more buts the bigger your butt."

Woke up after a great nights sleep feeling quite refreshed. Slightly hungry but nothing too bad. Trained back and triceps and then had first juice of the day followed by the welcome meeting which explained everything about the retreat and what to expect from the program. Out of the 38 people here Emma and I are the only two from the fitness industry with most occupying desk jobs in the city. I'm one of only 8 men - but it has its advantages - the toilets and showers are always free!

At the end of the meeting we were asked to introduce ourselves and explain why we had come! What came across was the number of people returning for their second or even third visit. Some of their stories were amazing, we heard from people with diseases that western medicine could no longer help, who after introducing juicing into their lives were no longer symptomatic. Symptoms of conditions like crohns, lupus, diabetes, colitis - gone. Ok, not gone in one weeks juicing but these people have continued what they have started here and taken their health into their hands. One man retold the story of the day he went back to see his GP after the juicing program. His GP was astounded at how well he looked; BP down, Lbs down, and symptom free. When he told his GP what he'd done the GP refused to accept what he was hearing and became instantly dismissive. How frustrating.

After the meeting we played "throw ball" a mutated game of football, basketball and netball. Pretty good tbh. After that we swam in the lake followed by another juice. The juices are great, I'm slightly biased but when I look around no one is turning their face at them or complaining. Equally I had expected to see more people struggling with fatigue and brain fog on the first day but everyone seemed pretty chirpy. Next came an afternoon of swimming, jacuzzi, steam room and then a group exercise class, rebound, volleyball and yoga. It was my first attempt at yoga and instantly i realised how inflexible I am! The yoga teacher is great. Steve taught us all abut how we (humans) have become disconnected with the earth and how we're like battery hens: born in a sterile environment, sent to school, sent to another school and then off to work to keep the cogs of the 'system' turning. I completely see where he is coming from.

Tonights movie is "Super Juice Me" - one of Jason Vales. I've seen it before but if you want to watch something that offers a great explanation to juicing then this is it.

The people here aren't fitness fanatics or hippies(!). They're everyday people just looking for proper R&R and to get away from the rat race UK. It's awesome here, the only frustrating thing is that not enough people in the UK know about, understand why it exists, or the benefit it brings to your health.


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