Juicy Oasis Day 3

Posted: 2014-09-22

Woke quite early after a terrible nights sleep. I made the mistake of watching Jarhead 2 on my iPad until quite late as I didn't want to watch Super Juice Me again. I think it was a combination of being over tired and over stimulated from the iPad late at night. Non the less we went to Dynamic Yoga at 7:45 to reinforce how inflexible I am!

Next I went to the gym and trained shoulders whilst many of the others went for a walk. It was raining this morning so I didn't fancy it. Next was a juice at 10:30 followed by HIIT (high intensity interval training) and then more yoga. I passed on both of these as I was feeling pretty tired after the poor nights sleep and shoulder training in the morning. Instead I took my book and curled up in one of the hanging cocoons and instantly fell asleep.

At 13:30 it was Juice time :-) After my sleep and the juice I felt pretty recharged and went and did spin followed by volleyball and yoga. I have to admit yoga seems to be the business.

So 3 days in how am I feeling? I have occasional bouts of hunger and occasionally find myself daydreaming about food. When walking past the pool this afternoon I swear I could smell southern fried chicken! I miss my eggs in the morning most - I usually have 6. Yes 6. 3 whole and 3 white.

Day 4 is when its all meant to fall into place. i.e no cravings, no lethargy, etc etc. So far so good though :-)

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