Juicy Oasis Day 4

Posted: 2014-09-24

I was too tired to write this last night. Was absolutely shattered after a full day of fun and games!

Woke up about 7am and went to the gym to very CAREFULLY train legs. Some of you will know I've been struggling with my left knee for a while now and have steered away from any leg training. It had got to the point where I was having to compensate bending down to pick things up. I'm due to see the consultant in November about it. Anyway, it (the knee) has been feeling pretty good whilst I've been here most likely because of the anti inflammatory effects of the juicing, yoga, and of course the warmer weather so I decided to give leg training a go. It was a success! I didn't go heavy but to actually squat again pain free was really pleasing. I also noticed that my back was much straighter which I am sure is the yoga. So, good start to the day.

After the gym we went for a picturesque walk to the village spring. The retreat is in a conservation area surrounded by eucalyptus trees and is is very remote. The village we walked to was like no village in England. There were no shops and they grow their own fruit and veg.

Next came a game of throw ball and a workshop on juicing. Emma and I juice a lot so we were pretty up on the theory but as with anythings its good revision. At the end of the workshop Kate, who is our camp leader, read until half a dozen or so testimonials of previous visitors who have cored themselves from their diseases. The one that stuck in my head was the testimonial from the lady who had polycystic ovaries. Her story was quite gory but to summarise briefly she said that at age 20 the NHS wanted to giver her a hysterectomy. Understandably she refused and looked for an alternative treatment. Fast forward and she is now symptom free with a regular monthly cycle.

In the afternoon we did yoga, rebound and then volleyball where I had my first calorie crash of the holiday. Having felt pretty good all day and with the euphoria of managing to train legs for the first time in 2 months I pretty much put pedal to the metal all day. During the first game of volleyball I lost the ability to move and make judgements and started to feel the shakes. Its something I've experienced before so was not alarmed but kew I either needed calories or had to kay down. Kate could tell I wasn't right so i was sent to the kitchen to get some food :-) I had half an avocado, a hemp protein shake and a banana. Within 5 minutes I felt like I'd had a double espresso! Kate thinks that because I'm talking part in most things and not just lying around by the pool I should have an extra juice during the day. The was well received :-)

So how do I feel so far? Having reached the holy grail of day 4 I can say I don't feel hungry. I get the occasional bout of cravings but all in all I feel really good. My knee seems better, yoga is awesome and I must say I feel like I have a higher state of alertness.

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