Days 5 & 6

Posted: 2014-09-25

So then, I didn't upload anything for yesterday, mainly because I went to bed at 8:30 absolutely shattered and because theres so much going on I'm struggling to find the time to write! But, I will briefly bring you up to date with how everything is going.

Yesterday morning I trained chest and back and then played more throw ball. Its quite addictive :-) Then it was yoga and by that stage I was feeling pretty whacked so I decided to have a chill out day only partaking in the evening yoga class.

How are we feeling? Yesterday we were both quite tired and I'm sure its from the amount of exercise we have done. I'm now having an extra juice a day after my "crash" on Tuesday which will help. I'm also getting hemp protein added to to my morning and afternoon juice as I want to try and limit muscle loss, though I accept there will be some. Daydreaming about food still comes and goes though the initial craving for high fat & carb food has subsided - I no longer smell southern fried chicken when I walk past the pool. I just really fancy some scrambled eggs or a chicken stir fry - something healthy!

We're learning a lot here, and its great to be around like minded individuals that are keen to learn how to improve their health and are open to the concept of 'change'. Steve, the yoga teacher, often comments on the dangers of the "conveyor belt of life" (work/life balance) that so many in the UK are stuck in, and how detrimental it is. For example, sitting in a chair all day. We're just simply not meant to. We're animals at the end of the day originally evolving from water and then into primates. He explains how we need to lose so much of the domestication in our society. He's from Dundee and said there are people in Scotland dying from diseases at a younger age than some of the poorest people in the world. Powerful stuff and makes you think. I am aware of being too evangelical when I come home - its going to be hard, especially when when around friends and family.

So I'll wrap it up there. Not much of an explanation of whats happened the last couple of days but I figured that I've done enough of that and its been more or less the same stuff anyway. Off now for another stint by the pool, another juice and then more yoga. I possibly wont write any more as tomorrow is our last full day and we go home Saturday. Saying that - I may find time Saturday to try and summarise everything.


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