What Our Clients Say

"I have been training with Bottom Line Lifestyle & Fitness for 3 years seeing Neil once a week. My fitness levels are higher motivation higher and my overall zest for life is higher. I attribute this to the commitment and variation of fitness regimes that Neil has given me and the commitment I make by attending. The studio is well equipped and the perfect environment for a one to one personal training session."
Chris Leafe. Glenrose Chartered Financial Planners

"I started working with Neil around 2 years ago to address my unhealthy eating habits, to improve my fitness for football and to generally tone up. Although i had been active and fit all my life the pressures of running my own business meant that I needed an appointment in my diary to make me look after myself. The service they offer is beyond personal training - they look after your nutrition and your aches too! I used to suffer from rounded shoulders from sitting at a desk all day but this has now been corrected. Neil is friendly, focused and professional and will push you as hard as you are willing to be pushed."
Justin Smith, Justin Smith Architects

"I've been training with Stan for a few years now and can honestly say that despite the hard work outs the results are amazing! I've also recently taken some nutrition advice from Emma and this has targeted the bits I was unhappy with. Stan tailors things to each individual and if you're having a bad day can adjust accordingly."
Estelle, Derby

"I have been training with Emma for more than a year now, my initial goal was to lose weight. If you had said to me at the start I would complete a Triathlon, I would have dismissed the idea as an impossible target, but at Emma's suggestion it seemed a good challenge a few months later, and with the ongoing encouragement and support I completed my first Triathlon 9 months after starting PT sessions with Emma.

My weight loss has not been as fast as I would like, and Emma recognised this, monitored my diet, and at her request I visited the Doctor, there was an underlying medical cause for the weight loss challenges I have had, and that aside, I have to confess I have never been so fit. I see the exercise I do as having more than weight loss benefits and I would say it's hard to use the word "enjoy" when you use a PT, as by definition they take you out of your comfort zone, but I would confess each session leaves me with a sense of accomplishment and pride (and usually a few minor pleasant aches)"
Suzanne Carr, Sinfin

"I met Emma through a networking group and after chatting for less than 10minutes thought I need to give this a try! Emma says she enjoys the challenge of making each session different & she certainly does that. I enjoy the variety of the training and look forward to our time together. During the 7 months I have been training I've lost 10 inches, over half a stone in weight and really toned up areas I didn't think were going to improve (definitely after having 2 children!) Emma knows her stuff & I feel that every session is relevant to my goals and pushes me to achieving these. In addition the Nutritional course that Emma is currently undertaking is great to keep up to date with relevant information and ongoing support. I would definitely recommend Emma's service to anyone who needs training that will help them get re-energised, focused and most importantly will stick to it. Thank you Emma and look forward to more results to come!"
Angela Darar, Chellaston

"I first came to Bottom Line Lifestyle & Fitness in September 2010 after being fed up of not being able to shift excess weight, which I had put on during a stressful year working abroad.

As soon as I started with Emma I felt that I was heading in the right direction as she completely changed my perception of food and healthy eating. Also, the sessions were often tough, but the change in my physique came along rather quickly and I dropped several pounds within weeks of exercising (and they have stayed off and I am now a stone lighter).

Around Christmas time I stopped sessions due to various factors, but came back to train with Emma, as any other exercise classes I tried or videos simply didn't have the same effect and therefore I felt that the cost of PT sessions were absolutely worth their weight in gold. I would thoroughly recommend Emma due to her super friendly approach, confidentiality and great results with a very healthy dose of encouragement."
Neelam Cartmell, Spondon

"After 10 years of slow weight gain and losing faith countless times, I now rave about Emma to everyone. I started seeing her at the beginning of 2011 and progress was slow due to my dreadful health. I was constantly ill and exhausted and my doctor wasn't getting to the cause of the problem, just saying it was chronic fatigue. Feeling totally despondent I mentioned this to Emma, who suggested I looked at my diet and thought about cutting out certain foods i.e. wheat, gluten, lactose and just seeing if it made any difference.

I am so pleased that I listened, I did indeed cut those food groups and have now lost 21 lbs, combined with Emma teaching me Pilates to build my core strength, I feel so much better! My faith in getting back to a new slimmer fitter me is totally restored and Emma is so patience, encouraging and knowledgeable, her enthusiasm is infectious as well!"
Emily Robe

"Having gone to many gyms, for many years and with no great results, I decided it was time to try a different approach. I got I touch with Bottom Line Lifestyle & Fitness and I had a chat with Emma, I explained what I wanted to achieve and we arranged a introductory consultation.

After meeting Emma face to face and seeing her enthusiasm and passion for fitness I was full of optimism and couldn't wait to get started!

I've now had 12 sessions with Emma over the last 9 weeks and I have enjoyed everyone. I've been made to work hard and push myself twice as much as I ever did working out alone. Emma promised to make training fun and different everytime and so far she hasn't let me down. I've lost over a stone in weight and improved both my running and cycling times and distance.

I couldn't recommend Emma enough, she's friendly, approachable, unpretentious and has a great knowledge of exercise and nutrition. - Thanks Emma."
Paul Fletcher

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What Our
Clients Say

"The studio is well equipped and the perfect environment for a one to one personal training session..."

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